Friday, March 13, 2009

BBQ Chicken Pizza and Beef Teriyaki

Funnily enough, I was going to post a recipe for BBQ Chicken pizza (a variation on my Buffalo Chicken pizza), and my mother-in-law beat me to it! In fact, we both tried it on the same night without even knowing it. She'd say we were both tapped into the ether. :) So here it is...

BBQ Chicken Pizza
See Buffalo Chicken Pizza recipe
Instead of wing sauce, use favorite BBQ sauce.
Add sauteed onions and bacon .
Drizzle extra BBQ sauce over top of cheese. YUM!

Beef Teriyaki
Last night we had this delicious meal sent to me by my SIL Emily. Thanks Em! This involves white rice. I must say, this is the first time I've ever made any rice other than minute rice. :) The steps looked complicated, but it was actually rather simple. You just really have to watch your rice as it cooks. Here are the directions I used. I don't have a rice cooker, so I had to use a regular old pot. It turned out perfectly! But I made too much, as I always do with things like rice and pasta. I just don't have a good eye for that, but I try.


Anonymous said...

it is very hard to get the measurement of rice and pasta right. there are special tools to supposedly help you do it (i have some of them) but still, it's a guessing game.

i must say, abbykins, i am glad to see that you are cooking. it has given me such joy and stress busting over the years. i hope it can do that for you, too.

love ya like a rice rock! (inside joke)

TT said...

I will try both, Abby. Thanks. I tried the Meatball/Veggie Soup today from last night's 365 Crockpotting and it was MAHVELOUS. The kids gobbled up 2 bowls (I removed the meatbowls for my little vegatarian girl though). The only variation I made was serving each bowl topped with croutons and mozarella. Oh, and I had to call it "Italian Vegatable Soup" so the kids would eat it. :-) Delicious!

Em Dog said...

YAY! I am so glad you liked the recipe I sent - my kids really liked it. I used fresh broccoli and liked it a lot. But, I learned that my knives are really pathetic. Here's a tip for all of you with little kids and dull knives. Take your meat that you want and walk directly up to the meat counter. Ask them to slice the meat very thin for you (you can say shred the meat if they don't understand how thin you want it.). They slice the meat, wrap it back up in the original packaging and you just saved yourself a real hassle(for free!). Or, another tip, throw your meat in the freezer for an hour before you cut it. .. it cuts much easier this way.
I would love to try the pizza recipe. Maybe one night when Clark has something else to eat he wouldn't mind. I try to do dinners Clarkie-Safe because it builds unity in the family. It's been good for the most part, but sometimes a slice of pizza would be really nice!

Em Dog said...

I was so excited to try the soup, Tiff. . but, Clark is allergic to peas and corn. . what could I use instead?

TT said...

baby lima beans or green beans would be good. I cannot think of another vegatable that tastes as sweet as corn for use a replacement. Anyone?


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