Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Favorite Baby Site!!

All you mothers and mothers-to-be out there, I am putting in a plug for my friend! She is starting her online business of baby products, and I have to tell you, I'm loving it! She made a couple of her cute bows for Olivia and I have been in love ever since. now you can buy them yourself! And I can buy the ones I don't already have. :)But she makes other things like blankets, pacifier clips, and hats. Little Ones is the name of the business and the website is

So pay it a visit and browse! I promise you'll love it. :) Here are some pics of one of the bows modeled by the lovely Olivia.

awww! Precious. :)


Abbey said...

Olivia is a great model!

Thanks for the post. :)

Em Dog said...

ha! So cute, Abbey!! I will check out your site!!

The Katzbox said...

Cutest super-model on the planet...NO! you rock stars-you stay away-you CANNOT have Olivia!!!!


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