Thursday, November 27, 2008

Riverside Hospital: Day 41 (Thanksgiving Day)

Thanksgiving Day is almost over and it has been a success. My thoughtful mother prepared a traditional Thanksgiving meal and then she and Borky carted the whole shebang over to the hospital. Not only that, but they brought the china, nice glasses and silverware! People walking by kept complementing Mom on a job well done. Thanks Mom!

We ate downstairs in the lobby which was a great change of pace for me. There were poinsettias lined up around the fountain there which added to the festive atmosphere. We even joked a few times that perhaps we should make this a Thanksgiving tradition. It was so nice, but I think it should be a one time thing. :) I also found it hard to sit there so long without being reclined. Afterall, the last time I had to do that for an extended period of time was 8 weeks ago (as today I am 32 weeks). So I haven't used those muscles and, let's face it, I'm a little bit bigger now. It wore me out! But I think Charlie and Olivia enjoyed the food nonetheless.

Eli and I had an early start to the day as well, which added to the fatigue I'm sure. Meijer began their Black Friday sales a day early, so Eli went to check it out. Christmas presents for all of the neices and nephews are now taken care of. Woohoo! Anyway, Eli had to wake up early to get there in time (about 5:00am), and I didnt' go back to sleep. Once he was there he called several times to discuss gift options. It was kind of fun actually, and I didn't mind being awake so early.

Then later in the evening, Eli's mom Debbie, his brother Eric, and sister-in-law Holly came over to visit. We had fun using Debbie's new MAC to take funny, distorted pictures of ourselves and make completely hilarious videos. I cried off all of my mascara from laughing so hard. So all in all it was a great day. The only drawback was not seeing Dad, but he hasn't been feeling so great lately, so he couldn't make it to the hospital. But I did talk with him over the phone and was glad to hear that he was able to eat the Thanksgiving meal! Smaller portion sizes, but he ate it. And THAT is a huge thing.

There is so much to be grateful for this year. The best of which is that Dad is cancer free and recovering from surgery, and of course, Charlie and Olivia are still safe and sound. And not here yet! Which is actually a great thing even though we are so excited to meet them. Just 2 more weeks to go. I think we can make it. I could go on and on, but I already have, so the rest of that list of things we are thankful for will have to be another post. Happy Thanksgiving!

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