Thursday, September 11, 2008

Surprise Ultrasound

Anyone getting tired of the ultrasound pictures yet? Too bad! :) My last appointment wasn't supposed to be an ultrasound (we thought). But we were wrong. Just wanted to share a cute pic. (They only printed 3).

You may have to cock your head to the right to see this correctly. To help orient you, the "B" in "Baby" is in the middle of Olivia's eye. The large white blob below and to the left of the eye is her nose. The blob to the left of that is her chin. This is a picture of her yawning! Though admittedly, this lacks something in a still frame, I actually saw it happen in real time. It was too cute!

I would post the other two pictures, but you've essentially seen them before. Apparently, Liv likes to give the thumbs up, and Charlie has no problems showing his face to the camera. These are definitely our children!

This ultrasound was also neat because it was the first time we could see both of their heads at the same time. Up until now they have been at opposite sides of my belly. It's neat to see them "playing" together. One of them also clapped during the ultrasound. It's just breathtaking to watch. Who can watch that and say these aren't people? Or that God doesn't have a hand in it? I just don't see it.


Em Dog said...

Oh, I am all tears eyes thinking about the miracle of it. . .it makes me want another one soooo bad!!

Anonymous said...


The Katzbox said...

I am amazed at the depth of emotion and bonding that each of us are forming for these children who aren't even physically here for us to hold and embrace. How incredible! Their spirits are communicating so much love to us through their parents that I fall to my knees in humble prayers of gratitude for the opportunity to be even the smallest part of it. I am just overwhelmed. Totally.

Eliot Bowman said...

Yeah...they're already amazing kids.

...must take after their mother. :)

Abbey said...

Cute, cute. We miss you guys this weekend, but we'll see you soon for sure!


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