Friday, June 20, 2008

Legge Family Reunion 2008

I have been busy recuperating from last weekend and haven't been able to post about our reunion yet. But everything went really well. There was so much to do to finish all the planning Dad and I had done and to make sure things ran smoothly, but about halfway through the reunion on Saturday I was finally able to sit back and enjoy.

We had Kay Gaskill (mother of friends of ours and a friend herself) take pictures of the family. It's nice to do that every now and then. We had games for the children and they put on a fun little talent show at the end of the evening. The children also had a raffle and the adults had an auction to raise money for the next reunion. We raised quite a bit and should be able to have a great time at the next one. Location yet to be determined. Usually we have a softball game, but because we didn't have anywhere to play, we had a corn hold tournament. It was a blast! Eli's team came in 3rd and Dad's came in 2nd. Great job guys! My cousin Jodi and I didn't do so hot. We were at the bottom of the losers bracket. Oh well!

Finally, we our family meeting. This is where we talk about the next reunion and decide who's in charge and where we are going. But we also have a small memorial service to think about those who are no longer with us. These are always tear-jerkers, but it's nice to remember where we came from. Eli and I especially enjoy the memorial service because the Spirit is really there. And everyone feels it. We have such a wonderful family who is so full of love and acceptance. Uncle Mike led this part of the meeting and did something special in addition. He had my Dad stand in the middle of the family and we all gathered around to give a giant 60 person hug. And while we were standing there, Mike told Dad to feel all of the love and positive energy we have for him and to use it to help him in his fight with cancer. It was so touching and we all appreciated that gesture so much. Dad being at the next reunion (and we are confident he will be) is going to be something to celebrate. Maybe we'll have another family hug then.

Because I was so busy organizing, I don't have as many pictures as I'd like, but I will post what I have. I will try to get a picture from someone of the cake Eli and I used to let everyone know we are having a baby. Everyone was very excited, both about the baby and the cake! :) We also went to the Zoo. I have more pictures from that than the actual reunion day! All in all, it was a fantastic reunion and I loved seeing my family again.

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