Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Plateau

Well, I've hit my weight loss plateau. I have lost 8.5lbs. and I did it in about 3 weeks. Unfortunately, my weight hasn't really changed since then. But I keep pushing on. I'm still trying to eat healthily, though I have to say that some circumstances have made it a bit more difficult lately. Like Teacher Appreciation Week. (Which was this week! So you have one more day to appreciate the teachers in your life.) We had two lunches and a breakfast provided for us this week. Which was enjoyable if I do say so myself. But pizza and brownies aren't exactly on my list of healthy foods. Oh well!

Eli and I are trying to walk whenever the weather is nice. And it has been lately. But it looks like rain for the next 10 days or so. We have been walking in Colonial Hills and going for about 2 miles up and down the hills. And we do it in about 30 minutes. Not bad if I do say so myself! It's nice to know that we are doing something good for our bodies, but it's also a great time for us to talk. We haven't had much of that in our marriage with school and everything. So all in all, things are going well with our healthy lifestyle. And of course...we're still taking Mona Vie and loving it. Just get used to it...there will be shameless plugs from now on! :)


katzbox said...'re doing fabulous honey!!! I envy you the chance to walk through Colonial Hills...what fun...and it's a great oppurtunity to reconnect with your husband...well done!!!!

Anonymous said...

so glad to hear that you and eli are talking (and walking!) as a social worker, naturally i am especially happy about the former! as a big fat lazy slob, i shudder to think about walking up and down hills! but hey! listen! does this count? Per and i walked about 3 miles each way today - to go to a brew pub! ok, so not very Mormon, but hey! pretty darned Catholic, right! :)


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