Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Leslie and Dustin's Wedding

As I have been sick (still home today), I haven't written about the wedding yet. But it went well, even if it was an extremely long day for me. I got there at 2:00 and left at 8:00. When I got home I had a temperature of 102.4! But somehow I managed to push through the day and enjoy it for what it was.

Leslie was held up while getting her hair done because they had to evacuate because of a carbon monoxide leak! She had to go somewhere else to finish her hair! But that was the only hitch in the day. And it really didn't matter much. Everyone looked beautiful, with maybe the exception of myself. :) But I didn't look too bad really, not for as sick as I was. Unfortunately though, I only got a few good pictures, but hopefully there will be more to share later. I am just so happy for Leslie and Dustin. They are great together. I love them so very much!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it was a lovely wedding and yes, my sweet daughter was (sigh!) sick. Abby is a chip off the old block - when I was her age, I was frequently down with one bug or another, too. I hope she grows out of it as I seem to have done.

L'Chaim to Leslie and Dustin! (L'Chaim sounds like the sound Abby makes when she clears her throat, so L'Chaim to her, too!) :)


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