Saturday, January 5, 2008

My New Year's Resolution

I didn't make a specific new year's resolution this year. But I do have a desire to better myself. And mostly, I think I need to be more positive. I found the following video on Eli's blog (The Green Blog). It encompasses my resolution. I hope you find it valuable.


Anonymous said...

Aside from jumping off that cliff, I'm with you on this!

However, and not to shake your resolution apart (because who am I to argue with more positivity in the world), but my perspective is that you ARE positive......about the BIG things, about the things that really matter. From what I can tell, it's the small things that bug you. You get angry about traffic and crumbs on the counter that Eli forgot to get rid of (sorry, Eli, didn't mean to throw you under the bus), your busy schedule, lousy customer service, and knowing you should eat better but not wanting to. But as for the BIG things, the things that REALLY MATTER, well,it's hard for me to comprehend how you could BE any more positive. When I looked at that video, I kept thinking, Abby does this, Abby thinks this, Abby knows this, Abby practices this. I guess what I am trying to say is, being positive doesn't mean never being irritated or fed up or even angry (just look at who threw the tables over in the Temple).

So, while I applaud anyone's effort to come down more on the plus side than the negative one, I also think being in balance about both of them is, may I borrow a phrase, The Secret.

Hugs and love,

katzbox said...

Wise words from your momma....


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