Friday, December 7, 2007

The World of Blog Welcomes Me!

Well hello fellow bloggers! I have finally decided to join you in your efforts to keep in touch and keep a record of life. However, be forewarned...after many, many, many attempts, I have only filled an entire journal ONCE. Typically, I give up after a few entries. So I promise to do my best to update this blog, but you never can tell. :)

Well, what better way to start than by saying that this is my most favorite time of year. Christmas is such a special holiday. Yes, there are crowds and too many parties to possibly attend all of them, and yes, money gets tight...BUT, there is no other time of year when so many people are focused (at least on some level) on our Savior. There is a general attitude of gratitude, service and love. These are the things that our Savior asks us to have, and be. At Christmas time, we are more like Him. If, of course, we let ourselves be.

This Christmas, I have been busy making many of the gifts we will give this year. And though it has been time consuming, it has been so wonderful to think of each person as I create their gift. I feel that I get to know them better as I consider what they would like, and I love them better as I invest myself and my time. I am surrounded by so many amazing people, and they have given me so can you adequately express, "Thank you. I love you." Even the words don't do it justice.

So, as this glorious holiday approaches, take the time to increase your love for family, friends, strangers, and most importantly...our Savior Jesus Christ. Love is one of His greatest gifts to us. Receive it.


The Slusser Family said...

I have the BIGGEST grin on my face right now! YAY YAY YAY!! Welcome to the blog world! Can't wait to keep in touch with you through your journal. .

katzbox said...

Oh hi happy to see you...this is so fun...Em and I blog all the time and Jette has a blog hurry...

My blog is

Oh, I love your's beautiful..keep it up...YAY

Anonymous said...

Once again, my wonderful daughter and I have role-reversed, with she being the grown-up and I being the one who watches and learns.

If and when I ever really do grow up, Abbykins, I want to be just like you. ("Well, maybe not the Mormon part," she says, as she sloshes coffee all over the keyboard.) :)

But then again, MAYBE the Mormon part. You just never know...

Hugs and love and Merry Christmas to all,


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