Thursday, December 27, 2007

We Did It!

Christmas is over. We had a wonderful time and everyone was so very generous in their gift giving this year. Thanks to all of you! And, of course, it was my first year to make Christmas dinner. It went well! I really can't complain. There were only two snafus. One, we have more mashed potatoes than we can eat in, like, 40 years. Manna for the Jews, mashed potatoes for us! But, you can always use more food storage. :)

The second snafu was a timing one. There is this totally great Butterball calculator online that tells you how long to cook your turkey. Unfortunately, we found out (too late) that my stove leaks an unprecedented amount of heat from the oven, thus causing the turkey to take almost an hour longer than expected. But everyone was patient and the turkey turned out well.

So, we had a successful Christmas in so many ways. The most important was that we were able to see so much of our family. For those we were not able to see, we missed you dearly and love you more. (more than "dearly", not more than those we saw!...we love you all the same...really...I feel I've inadvertantly dug myself into a whole here, so I am moving on.) Merry Christmas to you all!


Anonymous said...

To everyone who did not have the overwhelming pleasure of being at Abby's and Eli's on Christmas, let me assure you that you missed a truly wonderful day. Their house is such a cozy little love nest, especially with the warm lights of their Christmas tree, and the food was absolutely SPOT ON. Abby nailed it! A perfect 10! It was so yummy, I can't tell you. And on top of all that, the love in that home almost knocked me over! Without a doubt, this was the sweetest, dearest, most delicious Christmas ever. Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus. :)

katzbox said...

Oh, what a delightful entry and comment...I am so stinkin' sorry we missed it...and I am also sorry that my gift didn't arrive before Christmas...aarrgghhh.

Abby, Eli was so proud of you and was so pleased with how the day went. He said the food was delish, as evidenced by your mother's comments...yum...perhaps next Christmas maybe?

The Green Blog said...

Let's face wife is amazing, people. I didn't need a fancy big dinner to realize that.

...however, it certainly didn't hurt the cause. :)


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